Windows Access Panel – Simplified control panel for Windows Vista and 7

The control panel for Windows Vista and 7 is so crowded that it’s hard to find the controls or settings you are looking for. Often it requires multiple clicks to arrive at any tools. I always use the search instead. If you find the control panel a bit overwhelming, here is one program for you.


Windows Access Panel is a simplified control panel for Windows Vista and 7 meant to minimize the trouble in accessing programs. Windows Access Panel displays shortcuts to commonly used tools of the control panel distributed into two sections – Basic and Advanced, though the demarcation between the two is pretty vague, almost random. As an example, “Group Policy Editor”, “Registry Editor” and “Computer Management” is under Basic, whereas petty tools like “Sound Recorder”, “Onscreen keyboard” and “Character map” is under Advanced.

Despite the odd grouping of the tools, WAP is very handy and will save you a couple of clicks. At present 48 programs are included in WAP.

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