Windows System Control Center, control panel for Sysinternals and Nirsoft utilities

Windows System Control Center is a wickedly useful control panel for Windows. No, this is not another system tweaking, registry tampering application. WSCC is a control panel that lets you install, update, execute and organize the utilities from various system utility suites like Windows Sysinternals and Nirsoft, as well as Windows own set of system tools and commands.

Now, you know Windows Sysinternals and Nirsoft, don’t you? Windows Sysinternals and Nirsoft are two of the most wonderful source of simple but exceedingly useful Windows utilities, usually advanced system utilities. Windows Sysinternals is owned by the Microsoft Corporation whereas Nirsoft is an independent publisher.


WSCC brings all utilities of Sysinternals and Nirsoft under one roof. WSCC is easy to use. Just open the program and you will see a list of programs neatly categories into areas like File and Disk utilities, Network utilities, Internet Tools, Desktop tools etc. Clicking on any category will display the list of programs along with a brief description of each. To install or launch any program, click on the appropriate button and it will automatically download the program from the publishers’ website and save it to your hard disk, the location of which can be configured from the Options window.

The next time you launch the program, it will run from the local cache. WSCC keeps itself updated. If a new version of a program is released by Sysinternals or Nirsoft, WSCC will download it. I’m not sure what will happen if a completely new utility is released. Will WSCC automatically add it too?


WSCC also includes a WSCC Console to execute command line applications. Executing commands were never so easy. Pick any command from a drop-down list, add extra parameters if required and click Execute.

A must have tool for serious Windows users.

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