5 short links for today #20

1. Flickr App Garden: An official repository of unofficial Flickr tools created by developers using the Flickr API. Yeah, it’s about time.

2. Cell Size and Scale: Ever wondered how large a coffee bean is compared to a skin cell, or the X chromosome, or the HIV or a carbon atom? This interactive Flash movie will tell you.

3. ISS construction Timeline: A fantastic Flash movie showing how the International Space Station was expanded.

4. Syncplicity offers online backup, synchronization and sharing. The free plan comes with 2 GB of free backup and synchronization with 2 computers. Referring a friend entitles you to another 1 GB of space.

5. Furk is a BitTorrent Proxy that acts a middle man between the BitTorrent network and you. It downloads torrents on your behalf and then lets you download through regular HTTP link. You stay protected from snooping Govt agencies and anti-piracy groups. Similar to BTaccel.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    it's SYNCplicity, not simplicity.

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply


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