5 short links for today #21

1. Maggwire: Read articles from over 600 popular magazines online. Plenty of big names like Fortune, PC World, Sports Illustrated, Time, People and so on. One small snag – you can’t read the whole issue, only selected articles.

2. 100+ free games from Microsoft: Small, casual games that can be played online for free. If you want to download, you have to pay. [via Shell Extension City]

3. Creately: Create great looking diagrams, screen mockups, UML diagrams, flowcharts, chemistry diagrams and so on. The free plan allows creation of unlimited diagrams but they are all watermarked. Bummer! $4.95 a month will remove that.


4. Photovisi: Create collages from your photos and turn them into wallpapers for your desktop.

5. Emre’s JavaScript Tetris: A self playing (computer controlled) game of Tetris. Very cool to watch. Now here is the fun part – change “fields=1” in the URL to “fields=9” and see what happens. Whoaa!

To play the game simply delete the part “?fields=1” in the URL of the page.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    You can check the code for 5. at http://www.bitbar.org/tetris/bake.html

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