Classic Start Menu with Aero for Windows 7/Vista

Classic Windows Start Menu brings back the classic Windows Start Menu to Windows Vista and 7, while retaining the glassy Aero look that is so popular among Vista and 7 fans. The program has no GUI or settings whatsoever. Just run the executable file and click on the Start menu Orb to see it in action.


To get back the original menu, click on “Original menu” or simply open Task Manager and end the process cwsm.exe.

What’s more? Classic Windows Start Menu also brings back the missing Windows shutdown confirmation box in Windows Vista and 7. So no need for extended tweaks. Of course, the shutdown box comes bundled with the classic start menu and you have to use either both or none.

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    Because it blends in with the Aero Gui and doesn't look stupid like the pathetic classic one that comes with vista/win7. I think the crap classic one they left in is meant to insult anyone that still prefers the old start menu layout, but otherwise likes the Aero Gui appearance. They made their classic one suck on purpose to make people want to use the crappy new start menu. They could have spruced the classic menu up with Aero, but instead had to pust the crap new start menu layout.

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    The new start menu is a lot better and cleaner!

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