Compare My Docs compares documents online

Compare My Docs is a new service that lets you compare multiple Word or rich text documents online to find differences. The service lets you upload up to six versions of the same document and see what’s been changed, edit and save the changes.

Compare My Docs color codes any changes it finds between the different revisions of a document and gives you a quick and easy way to accept, reject, or set aside a change. When finished, you’ll have a version that has all of those changes you made, which can be saved either as a Word doc or rich text file and downloaded back to your hard drive.


The service has one major limitation that it can compare only texts. Any images or charts are stripped out of the document, and so if you save the final copy to your hard drive be sure to add the images back to it.

Another problem Compare My Docs suffer from is that it tends to bring the browser down while it’s uploading the document and loading the interface. Both Opera 10 and Firefox 3.5 froze for several minutes when I tested it. If you are doing something important in other tabs in your browser like composing a mail, make sure you save those before you try this application.

[via Cnet]

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