PLoP Boot Manager

The PLoP Boot Manager is a very flexible boot manager program that lets you boot different operating system in a multi-OS system. The different operating systems not necessarily be installed on a had disk. PLoP Boot Manager can boot OS from hard disk, floppy, CD/DVD or from USB. The boot manager itself can reside on a floppy, CD or on a network.


PLoP is a powerful boot manager

  • It can boot OS from CD/DVD without BIOS support
  • It can boot from USB without BIOS support
  • No extra partition is required for the boot manager
  • Different profiles for operating systems
  • Define up to 16 partitions
  • It allows the administrator to hide partitions to keep other users unaware of the existence on another installed system
  • Password protect the computer and the boot manager setup
  • Backup of partition table data
  • Start boot manager in Text or Graphics mode
  • Supports graphic user interface up to a resolution of 1280×1024
  • Allows editing of MBR partition table

PLoP Boot Manager can be installed on the hard disk with Windows installed, overwriting the MBR. It can be also used along with Linux loaders such as GRUB and LILO. It can also be run without installing on the hard disk, directly off a CD, Floppy or from the network.

PLoP Boot Manager has an interesting feature that lets you protect the MBR from changes. If another software change the entries in the MBR, the boot manager detects this change at the next startup and allows you to choose if you want to import the new values or forget them.


  • SATA CD/DVD drives are not supported. Only IDE CD/DVD drives work.
  • USB CD/DVD drives are not supported.
  • USB keyboards are not supported.
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