Read Amazon Kindle books on your PC

Amazon today announced the beta release of Kindle for PC, a free ebook reading application for Windows which is capable of opening ebooks made for the Kindle. Customers do not need to own the device to use the software – books can be purchased, downloaded and read directly on the PC.

If you do own a Kindle, on the other hand, you can keep your books and reading list in sync with your device. Highlights and bookmarks you applied on your Kindle appears just the same on your PC.


For some strange reason, the Amazon Kindle store isn’t integrated into the application. You have to buy them through a regular browser, download and import the ebook into the reader. 

Kindle for PC lets users adjust the font size and bookmark a page. Windows 7 users with touch screen can enjoy added features using a finger pinch to zoom in and out and finger swipes to turn pages.

Other ebook reader/management software: Calibre, Mendeley

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