Secret Disk – Password protected file storage

Secret Disk is a free software that lets you hide files you don’t want others to see on your computer. This may include your personal emails, financial records, and other private data. Secret Disk lets you have a separate virtual disk on your PC which can be locked and unlocked with a password.


Just install Secret Disk and choose a password. Then, start Secret Disk, press the unlock button, enter your password and you will see a new disk X: appear in My Computer area. When you lock Secret Disk, the drive becomes invisible.


Anything you save on this drive will remain hidden from other users once it is locked. Also notice that the new drive X: has the same size and same amount of free space as your C drive. This is because Secret Disk uses your root partition to save your secret files.


  • Access with a password – you can access Secret Disk with a password only
  • Locking – when locking secret disk disappears and stays invisible with all contents.
  • One second protection – when you need protection Secret Disk disappears within one second with all content, no matter how many files you have on the disk.
  • Power failure – in case of power failure Secret Disk will be automatically locked.
  • Automatic locking – Secret Disk can be automatically locked if you away from your PC (screensaver is running) or when you press emergency F8 button.


  • No way to define the location of your secret storage. Everything is saved on C drive.
  • Only one secret drive can be created

Alternatives: SecretDrive (better),  SafeHouse Explorer and My Lockbox

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