TimeToGoAppi – Powerful task scheduler for Windows

TimeToGoAppi is a very advanced task scheduler application for Windows that goes beyond the capabilities of the default Windows task scheduler, which is actually rather poor. TimeToGoAppi allows you to automate a wide range of tasks on your computer including but not limited to shutdown/hibernate/restart, launching programs, terminating programs, connecting/disconnecting Internet etc.

To use TimeToGoAppi, first you have to create an Action by clicking on the “Add” button.


Now from the drop down list, select an Action you want to schedule. Available actions are:

  • Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate, Logoff, Lock computer
  • Launch program, Terminate program
  • Launch screensaver
  • Power monitor off
  • Connect/Disconnect Internet
  • Wake up PC from Hibernate/Suspend
  • Display message

The event that triggers any of the above actions can be:

  • A certain time of the day or any particular day
  • A certain period of elapsed time
  • A certain period of PC idle time
  • Termination of a certain process
  • A certain percentage of CPU utilization 

When waking up the PC from hibernate/suspend, TimeToGoAppi can launch a program immediately after waking up or play a music file – an action that can used as an alarm clock. TimeToGoAppi can also lock the mouse or keyboard at any time of the day.


All these actions can be set to repeat at different times for each day of the week. It also allows you to save actions with different settings and load them whenever you require.

If you will recall, some time ago I wrote about a similar program called Marxio Timer. Both Marxio Timer and TimeToGoAppi has almost similar tools although TimeToGoAppi does pack some extra power. But Marxio Timer takes the crown for simplicity and better interface design.

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