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4 more tools to track new year goals and resolutions

So how many of you have stuck to the new year resolutions you took on 2009? Are you set to achieve your goals this year? Have you prepared a plan and started tracking your progress? No? Then it’s time you start taking action.

Picking up from where we left last year, here is another set of tools that will help keep you on the right track towards achieving your goals and ambitions.

getgoaling2 1. Get Goaling is a online goal tracking application that lets you set goals and prepare action plans for achieving them. Once you start acting on your goals, you start logging your progress and the work you are doing on the action plans using a progress log. There is a Journal that shows the entries that you have made for the daily or weekly progress on your action plans, providing a consolidated view of how you are progressing on your goals. There is also a task manager that lets you add, edit, prioritize and print task list for today, tomorrow, next 7 days, etc.


  • Create goals and set action plans to achieve them. Print goal sheets.
  • Track and measure your progress. 
  • Set reminders to give yourself a little push to continue your efforts.
  • Share your goals with friends who can encourage and advice you. 
  • Manage to do lists

stickk 2. stickK has a different approach of making you stick to your commitments. It gets you to sign contracts obliging you to achieve your personal goals such as losing weight or quitting smoking. This is how it works.

  1. Set your goals which can be anything you want to achieve, and select a date or period of time by which you contractually agree to accomplish your goal.
  2. Choose what will be at stake if you fail to achieve your goal. Set a monetary value for your goal and assign who will receive it. The money can go to a friend or charity or you can go with no money stake.
  3. You can invite someone you know and trust to be your Referee. This person monitors your progress and verifies the accuracy of the reports you submit. If you prefer, you can opt for the honor system, and go at it alone, without a Referee.

According to stickK, setting a money stake drives people to work harder which increases the odds of success.

fitday_logo 3. Fitday is a weight loss tracking program. Since a large number of resolutions and goals are about losing weight and keeping fit, this would suit a majority of resolution takers. The FitDay journal allows you to track your diet and activities including taking control of your diet and fitness and achieving your fitness goals.

You need to enter your daily food intake and exercise, and FitDay analyzes all your information and shows you:

- Daily Calorie Counts
- Carbs, Fat, and Protein
- Weight Loss and Goals
- Long Term Diet Analysis
- and more...

4. Goal Setting Toolkit is a free, printable, business card sized reminders that you can take with you in pocket or purse. You can put anywhere you want - on your desk or edge’s of the monitor, your dashboard of your car… anywhere.


The kit includes nine different cards for different goal setting needs, such as:

  • The “BHAG” card which is useful for planning your long term goals.
  • The My Goal Card which is a universal goal setting card that will help you achieve your goals by being specific and setting measurable and actionable parameters.
  • The Daily Goal Card to remind you of what needs to be done today.
  • and so on..

The Goal Setting Toolkit provides details instructions on how to use it. The website also has a huge resource of tips and articles on how to set and achieve goals. Check them out if you are interested.


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