7APL- Windows 7 Application Launcher

7APL or Windows 7 Application Launcher is an application launcher made for Windows 7. Using 7APL you can launch a single applications or group of applications with a single click or hot key. 7APL makes use of one of the nicest feature of Windows 7 – Jump Lists, to well integrate the application with the operating system.


To create a group of application, which are called Profiles in 7APL, just locate the programs you want to add using the ‘Browse’ button and click on ‘Include’. You can also add a picture to the profile which will appear in the Jump List.


To launch an application profile, right click on 7APL’s icon in the taskbar to open the Jump List, and scroll through all your profiles to locate the one you wish to launch. A profile can also be launched using a hot-key combination. Different key combination can be assigned to different profiles at the time of creating a profile.

If you mark profiles as Categories, the applications within the profile will be displayed in the application’s Jump List allowing you to launch applications individually.


Alternatively, you can use 7APL has a desktop gadget and launch profiles from the gadget.

7APL is a free utility and works only with Windows 7.

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