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I spend far too much time on looking for movies and reading reviews. I also spend equally long amount of time on movie recommendation sites like Clerkdogs and NanoCrowd (early review). If you haven’t been to Clerkdogs for a while, I suggest you check it out once again. It has vastly improved since it’s first launch about a year ago – has a complete different layout and approach, and lot’s of new movies has been added to the collection.

Lately, I have been frequenting another website – HelloMovies. HelloMovies is a big archive of movies you can browse through, something like IMDB, only easier to use. Say, you are in a mood to watch comedies. Click on the genre “Comedy” in the sidebar and immediately you get a page full of thumbnail of movies sorted by release date. You can quickly change the sorting order to “popularity” or “rating” that uses HelloMovies own rating system.


Now let’s say you want to watch comedies released during the 1990s. Select the release year while still on the “Comedy” genre and the list quickly changes to show the movies released during the period. This is so convenient.

You can further drill down the list by “Taste” such as entertaining, fun, offbeat, powerful and so on. You can add a combination of these search filters to find movies you haven’t watched yet.


On the search page, hover the mouse over a thumbnail to get a quick summary along with ratings from other movie sites like IMDB, RottenTomatoes and NetFlix. Each movie has a page dedicated to it with all sorts of information regarding cast, reviews and a list of similar movies. There are also posters, video trailers etc and links to watch it on NetFlix or buy from Amazon.

If you sign-up at HelloMovies you can do more things such as rate movies and get recommendation for other movies based on your ratings. You can also maintain a list of movies you watched, movies you want to watch, follow users, find out what they are watching or rating etc.

I’m really starting to like HelloMovies.

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  1. Unknown Reply

    I like for choosing movies. Amazing search and recommendations too – CNET chose them as the best on the web with good reason .

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