Krento, a brand new application launcher

Krento is an application launcher for Windows that can launch programs, files or open web pages from a circular dock. Krento lets you save and load your docks allowing you to have multiple sets of application docks.

While Krento is running, press Win+C to launch the dock which looks like this:


Of course, you can skin it. There are plenty of stylish skins to choose from and it’s compatible with Rocket Dock skins. A number of applications will be already added to the dock. To replace an application from a dock (they call them “Stones) simply drag the application shortcut or a file to it. You can right click on a “Stone” to change it’s type from program, file, URL etc.

To launch an application just click on a Stone or use the keyboard hotkey CTRL+ (Function keys). A maximum of 12 applications can be added to the dock. If you need more you will have to create a new dock or a new Circle, although you can’t have multiple circles running at the same time. But these can be saved and loaded one at a time, and you can create any number of circles you want.

Krento requires .Net Framework 2.0 installed and compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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