Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer

Those who miss the lack of mouse gesture functionality in Internet Explorer will be pleased to learn that there is an add-on that offers this capability and it’s so good that it has earned the recommendation of Microsoft, even though Microsoft has never entertained the idea of natively supporting mouse gestures in IE.

Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer, the add-on developed by Ralph Hare, is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors making the gestures add-on one of the very few available for 64-bit IE. One of the key reasons, Eric Lawrence explains, why Microsoft recommends this add-on is that it was compiled following the best practices set in place by the software giant for add-on development. It’s also a very stable add-on and updated versions are automatically offered using an automatic notification service.


The gestures add-on respects your existing browser settings, and does not attempt to change your default homepage, search provider, favorites, user-agent string, etc. There’s no junk bundled with it either.

The Mouse Gesture add-on allows you to assign gestures to built-in actions, define new gestures or actions, and change the appearance of mouse trails. You can also bind any gesture to open any of your browser Favorites in the current tab, or a new foreground or background tab.

One of the most powerful features of the add-on allows you to bind a JavaScript file to an action. You can utilize this feature to execute bookmarklets that you might have added to your browsers.

Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer is completely free.

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