Multifox – Login to different accounts at the same time

Previously I wrote about a Firefox addon called CookieSwap that allowed users to login to different accounts on a website with different usernames, and seamlessly switch between accounts without having to login and logout repeatedly. Multifox is a new Firefox addon that offers similar functionality, only it lets you remain logged in on all accounts using different profiles all at the same time!

Unlike CookieSwap, Multifox doesn’t have any user interface or dialog boxes where you can manage your profiles. Multifox adds a single entry to the context menu of links and bookmarks and in File menu called “Open in a New Identity Profile”. Say you are logged in to one Gmail account and you want to check another Gmail inbox. Click on File>New Identity Profile. This will open a new Firefox window which is isolated from the previous window.

multifox multifox2

In this window you can open Gmail and login using a different username. The best part is you can read mails and browse on both accounts at the same time. Each Multifox window is flagged with a number indicating the identity profile. Logins made in windows with different numbers are isolated.


  • Logins are preserved the same way they are in “regular” windows. Even if you close the window or quit Firefox.
  • The identity profile of each window is preserved when Firefox restores the session.
  • New windows inherit the identity profile from the window they were opened from.

Comparison with Cookieswap

Cookieswap and Multifox is distinctly different from each other. Although CookieSwap allowed you to login to multiple accounts at the same time, you still had to switch accounts from one to the other. You cannot use both accounts at the same time. Multifox on the other hand lets you do just that. In this regard, I will have to say that Multifox is better than CookieSwap.

Goodbye CookieSwap, I’m changing addons.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Why is there now trackback link from your article about CookieSwap to this article. I think that would be useful.

    Have a nice day, and thanks for pointing out the existence of this extension.

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