Productivity Tip: Replace your browser’s new tab with a To-Do list

Do you write little notes to remind yourself of things that you should be doing and paste them all over your monitor and desk? Or you might be writing down list of tasks in a notebook or on a To-Do list software. But at the end of the day things almost always remain undone. Why? Because we tend to ignore the notes sticking out of the edge of the monitor and the to-do-list is totally forgotten.

Here is one way to nag yourself with your sticky notes. Place them right in the middle of your screen … in a new browser tab. It’s assumed that you use your browser all throughout the day either for work or for entertainment. If you conform to this class of people, try StickyScreen, a tiny web based sticky note application. The idea is to set StickyScreen as your homepage so that your ‘note to self’ shows up whenever you open a new tab or browser window.


StickyScreen requires no logins or sign-up. Just go to the site, edit the sticky note and set it as your homepage. Now configure your browser to open your homepage on a new tab. Every time you open a new tab to visit yet another Internet site, your sticky note will smack right on your face.


Chrome users can take advantage of the Things To Do extension, that replaces the new tab page with a to do list. The list is customizable.

  • Move items up and down by dragging the bullet on the left side.
  • Edit any item or the title by clicking on them.
  • Navigate through your items when editing them with tab or shift tab.
  • Use the options page to customize the colors and size of the to do list
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