Remove background from photos with Instant Mask

Remember FotoMix, the software that assists you in removing the background from photos and images? Here is another one.

Called Instant Mask, this software employs a different technique that requires little skill from the user. Instant Mask has two markers – Keep Marker and Remove Marker. Using the Keep Marker, mark out the area in the photos you want to keep. Don’t worry even if you are clumsy with the pen. Just mark it out.


Next mark out the areas you want to remove using the Remove Marker. Now click on the ‘Preview’ button. Depending on how skillfully you marked out the areas, Instant Mask will remove the background just like this.


You can keep doing and redoing it until you get the results you are looking for. The degree of success, however, will depend a lot on the photos.

Compared to FotoMix, Instant Mask does a poor job. It’s quick, alright, but spend some extra minutes with FotoMix and you will get better results. Not everything can be automated.

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