Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Repair MKV files with Meteorite


Meteorite is a new open source project that intends to become the first software to repair broken Matroska (MKV) video files. Meteorite is in open beta and currently the only software that repairs MKV files. Meteorite doesn’t have much to call a GUI. Just drag an MKV file that refuses to play on a media player and drop it in Meteorite’s window. The program will automatically start scanning the file to detect any errors. If found the program will attempt to fix it and make the file playable.


All this happens automatically and the output file is saved in the same folder as the original file with the file name prefixed with “Meteorite.” For example, if the original file was called “video.mkv” the output file will be named “Meteorite.video.mkv.”

Meteorite has no buttons to click, displays no dialog boxes or any message of success or failure. The program writer says there are still lot of bugs to fix. I can’t say for sure whether it works, but sooner or later it will. If you do have a broken MKV file, do test it and let us know.


  1. Tried the tool for a mkv, that just won't play on my TV with inbuild mkv-support. Unfortunately it worked for more than an hour now and still nothing happened. I think it crashed due bugs.

  2. It does nothing, i drag and drop mkv into window and nothing happens

  3. It doesn't even do anything.

  4. Tried it with a 4.7Gb mkv file that only plays for 10 - 20 minutes before freezing. MeteoriteGUI does absolutely nothing - totally useless!

  5. Totally WORKS!

  6. Can someone who's lucky and Meteorite is working on their computer write what is the response of the program after dropping the file on the window? On my Vista nothing is happening (is there supposed to be some progress bar) and when I try to close the program, Windows say "the program stopped working" (I don't know the exact form in English Windows) and on my XP nothing happens BUT there is no the message when shutting down. The background on the program is really miserable, there could be at least a guide with few lines about how the program is supposed to behave when running properly...

  7. this software is shit, it doesn't work, burn the stupid who made it.

  8. it does nothing, probably only works with xp.


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