TeuxDeux – The simplest online to-do list

TeuxDeux is a dead simple online to-do list manager with an elegant and minimal user-interface.

Once you are done through the simple sign-up procedure you can start adding tasks to the list right away. TeuxDeux’s display window shows 7 days at a time which you can scroll through using the arrow buttons at either end.


TeuxDeux has no pointers or reminders or any fancy stuff you usually find in a to-do list manager. You can add tasks, delete, arrange by drag and drop, and strike off when completed. All uncompleted tasks of the previous day are automatically added to the task list of the next day, which makes it immensely useful. There is also a “Someday” section where you can drop tasks that doesn’t have any strict deadline.

If you are looking for an extremely simple to-do list, you should give this a test drive.

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