Voyage – A fantastic way to browse history in Firefox

Voyage is a new add-on for Firefox that lets you browse through your history of previously visited websites, including photos and videos you watched, in a way which is both visually appealing and functionally remarkable.

This appropriately named add-on provides a timeline-based interface to review your browsing history. Pages and sites visited are shown as bubbles, the favicon of each website distinguishing one bubble from the other. Hovering the mouse over a bubble displays a summary of the visited page. Clicking on the bubble displays a detailed list. The size of the bubble indicates the number of pages within that domain you visited.


If you came to a website from another site, the corresponding bubbles of both sites will be linked together, although the lack of a direction marker makes it difficult to determine the direction of entry and exit.


At the bottom of the screen, there is the "Media Wall" which displays the thumbnails of media files (images and videos) you came across on certain supported sites. Currently supported websites include Flickr, YouTube and a couple of Japanese sites. However, you will see thumbnails for only those media you watched after installing and enabling the add-on. Past media files are not visible.

Voyage can also with Twitter and can display your tweets on the timeline and get updated when your newer tweets are available. This feature uses Twitter’s OAuth protocol for authorization, and is completely secure.

Only when you have used Voyage you will understand how efficient it is to locate or re-discover the pages from your browsing history. This fantastic Firefox tool is compatible with version 3.5 and above.

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