What’s uploaded right now on Flickr? See FlickrSpy

FlickrSpy or Flickrlivetrackr is a fantastic tool for all Flickr lovers who have too much time in their hands. FlickrSpy brings you a continuously updating feed of photos that are being uploaded to Flickr right now. Newly uploaded photos appear at the top and older photos get pushed to the bottom where they fade away.


The photo column is only 6 photos tall, which I feel is too short. A new photo gets added every 2 to 3 seconds – this means you get a fresh photo column every 12 to 15 seconds. However, a number of time the application stop updating wherein I had to refresh the page to get the train of photos moving.

Every minute thousands of photos are uploaded to Flickr. It’s impossible to catch a preview of each one on FlickrSpy. Obviously you will be seeing only a fraction of these. Still a fine way to waste time.

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