5 short links for today #25

1. Body By Victoria: Photoshop Disasters once featured a wonderfully horrible image from Victoria’s Secret. Hacker Factor took the image and did a detailed forensic analysis revealing tell tale signs of numerous touch-ups and manipulation. Great detective work. And here is the follow up post.

2. The greatest program ever written: Imagine writing a chess program, with AI, that ran on a poorly documented, buggy machine that contained only 1k of memory? After looking at the source code, I couldn’t imagine how something that small could play chess. This is witchcraft!

3. 24 years of Windows package design: Software packaging isn’t exactly the epitome of great design. And, as the world’s most used operating system – and being from Microsoft – Windows has had some rather dull boxes designed for it to sit within. But it’s also had some great packaging designed for it too.

4. Get High Now … without drugs! Over 35 audio and visual highs a.k.a illusions to experience.

5. Sandlot Games: Hundreds of casual games for Windows and Mac. Very similar to Big Fish games.

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