Gladinet – Desktop client for cloud storage services

Gladinet is a ubiquitous cloud storage client for Windows that integrates popular cloud storage services like Amazon S3, Google Docs, and many others with the Windows file system. Files from the cloud are accessible from the Windows explorer as if they were on a local disk or a mounted network drive.

Gladinet creates a single virtual network drive within Windows Explorer and all cloud services are mounted as folders inside the network drive. Gladinet Cloud Desktop also creates file type associations between web applications and files, whether they are stored on a local disk or in the Cloud.


The integration of various could services to Windows explorer facilities easy file transfer from one cloud storage to another by the classic drag and drop method. The application also includes a task manager through which various activities like backups and file upload to various cloud services can be automated.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop is free and currently supports the following services.

  • Windows Live Skydrive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Picasa
  • Amazon S3
  • Synaptic Storage
  • EMC Atmos onLine and Storage
  • Nirvanix Storage
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • WebDav
  • Any FTP server
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  1. developar Reply

    I wish Dropbox support was there

  2. Rick Pich Reply

    Technically, Gladinet is NOT free. To get full function, you have to buy the pro. The "free" version is more like a demo.

    You're limited to 1000 files, then your PC freaks out. You're no longer able to access some IP services on your PC (like VNC) until you reboot.

  3. amit Reply

    In similar ways allows you to access all your cloud storage services through a single window, you can even import/export content from one to another just by dragging/dropping. Check out this link for full review ZeroPC2.0 Powerful cloud navigator

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