iMacros, the macro recorder extension for Chrome

iMacros, named after the popular Firefox iMacros add-on, is an extension for Chrome that brings a fully featured macro recording utility to the browser. iMacros is designed to automate the most repetitious tasks on the web like filling forms, clicking buttons, logging into websites and so on. Just record the steps to perform a repetitive activity with iMacros and the next time you need to do it, run the entire macro at the click of a button.

A created macro can be saved as a bookmark or bookmarklet that allows the macro to be embedded on a web page, blog, or a social bookmarking for sharing.


iMacros for Chrome can be also be combined with Greasemonkey styled user scripts and the macros can be started via the command line, Windows task scheduler, batch files or a Linux cron job. iMacros can also be combined with ad-blocking extensions like AdBlock, FlashBlock and AdThwart to speed up the web browsing. What’s more? Macros recorded with iMacros for Chrome can be replayed in iMacros for IE and iMacros for Firefox without changes!

Possible uses of iMacros:

  • As a form filler
  • As a highly-secure password manager with 256-bit AES encryption.
  • As a web regression testing tool, performance testing and web transaction monitoring. It can also be combined with Google Speed Tracer, Firebug and other web development and test tools.

Checkout some sample macros to run at and the Wiki for help.

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  1. PhogBlog Reply

    Using that for quite some time now but I never knew there is a Chrome-Plugin available…

    Thank you for showing me that one 😀

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