InterfaceLIFT wallpaper downloader

InterfaceLIFT is a popular destination for desktop wallpaper downloads. Everyday the site updates with a fresh stock of wallpapers submitted by users. Naturally, keeping tab of all uploads and downloading wallpapers one at a time is not an easy task.


ILift is a free program that lets you download wallpapers from InterfaceLIFT in batches. Simply enter the start and end page number you want to download from and click on the Download button the start downloading.


Double click on the “i” to launch the Options window where you can customize the destination folder, aspect ratio of wallpapers to download and sorting order. Expand the “Advanced settings” window to alter the URL of the page if required.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    doesn't seem to work for me ..

  2. Anonymous Reply

    same here

  3. अनिल कुमार Reply

    Intefacelift people blocked this method. Also, they have likely put limits on network traffic per IP address. Quite obviously, they don't want to pay for free leechers. Is there a torrent file of all their wallpapers? I would love that.

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