Learn Microsoft Office features by playing Ribbon Hero

Ribbon Hero is an intuitive Microsoft Office 2007/2010 training tool from Office Labs designed in the form of a game. Ribbon Hero is created with the intention to help users boost their Office skills and knowledge, and particularly educate them and get them comfortable with the ribbon interface.

Users playing Ribbon Hero are required to undertake a number of challenges each designed to help them learn specific skills. For instance, users are asked to insert diagrams into a page, apply various text styles, format a picture etc. Upon successful completion of a challenge the user earns points which add up with each new challenge they complete. Points earned depends on how easily or quickly a user was able to complete the challenge. Hints are available throughout the game for anybody who needs a little help.


Ribbon Hero can connect users to their Facebook account that lets them compare their progress with their Facebook friends who are also using Ribbon Hero. Users can find out where their friends are strong and how they are earning points, and can post new achievements on their walls.


The challenges on Ribbon Hero is largely centered around the use of the various features embedded in the navigation ribbons in Office 2007/2010. Playing just a few challenges made me appreciate the novelty of the ribbon interface and how polished and refreshing are some of the new features in Office 2007, many of which I never bothered to explore.

Microsoft have even included several challenges highlighting the new features in Office 2010. Users of 2007 can see these challenges and a brief description of the new feature, but can’t complete the challenge until they download the 2010 beta.

Office Labs is tracking these downloads and anonymously collecting data from users to determine both the effectiveness of the teaser challenges and how compelling the new features are for end users.

If you still haven’t grown used to the ribbon interface, Ribbon Hero is the best way to help you get started.

[via ZDNet]

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    The programmer/project manager responsible for the Ribbon at MSFT Office Team should have been fired!

    Worst "evolution" of a cashcow program, ever!

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