OfficeTab – Tabs for Microsoft Office

OfficeTab is a free plug-in for Microsoft Office that brings a tabbed interface to the office suite. OfficeTab adds a tab bar to Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint, just below the Ribbon in Office 2007/10 and below the toolbars in Office 2003, but this position can be changed. This enables you to open multiple office documents easily without crowding the Windows taskbar.

OfficeTab is fully customizable. You can change the color of the tabs, apply any one of the 11 included styles, move the tab-bar from the top to the bottom of the workspace or to the left or right, change tab width etc. You can even assign keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between opened tabs.



Other Features:

  • Open multiple documents side by side
  • Option to hide the tab bar when only a single document is open.
  • Lock tabs to prevent accidental closing
  • Double-click or middle mouse button click to close tabs
  • Double-click on a blank space left create a new document
  • Drag and drop to arrange tabs
  • Actions to close all tabs, close the non-active tabs etc via right-click menu

OfficeTab is compatible with only the following versions of Microsoft Office

  • ExcelTab Support: Excel XP, Excel2003, Excel2007 and Excel2010
  • WordTab support: Word2003, Word2007 and Word2010
  • PPtTab support: PPt2000, PPt XP, PPt2003 and PPt2007
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