SuperTabMode – Firefox tab enhancement tool

SuperTabMode is an addon for Firefox that greatly enhances the default tab behavior and browsing capabilities of the browser. Apart from tab management, SuperTabMode also includes options to block page content, auto lock tabs, hide Firefox from the screen (boss key) and cache management features.

SuperTabMode is primarily a tab enhancement tool geared towards offering more control to the user of how tabs behave in Firefox. Among the numerous tab enhancements include:

  • Open URL/bookmarks/history/search in new tab or background new tab
  • Open new tab immediately next to the parent tab
  • Move Tab Bar to top or bottom
  • Enable multi-row Tab Bar
  • Double click to close tab

SuperTabMode-1 SuperTabMode-2

Other features:

  • Automatically lock a tab based on URL list
  • Block contents from a page not originating from the source URL
  • Block all images or music
  • Quickly hide Firefox with a hotkey combination
  • Move Firefox icon to system tray when minimizing window
  • Control disk cache, memory cache and offline cache size


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