5 short links for today #27

1. If Murdered – A new website that lets you leave your voice before you die. The creator explains: “I thought up the idea for this site because there is a creepy guy at my work. I mean the guy is just intensely weird. I got in a little spat with him at work, and I was joking to my coworkers at lunch that ‘if I’m found dead, he’s who killed me’. It was just a funny idea so I tossed up this website.”

2. GeoIP Weather is a fantastic local weather site. It grabs your location from the IP address and presents a detailed 5-day weather forecast.

3. Dummy Text Generator – Tired of the same “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…” text? This handy tool will let you create non repeating dummy text up to hundreds of words, in several different languages.

4. API Status monitors the uptime status of APIs of popular online services such as Flickr API, Google Maps API, Paypal API, Facebook API and many others. If you use any of these APIs on your website or projects, this dashboard will keep you up-to-date about their status.

5. Block A Country lets you block traffic from specific countries. Simply select the countries you want to block and click the Go button to get the range of IP addresses assigned to that country(s). You can now paste the generated text into your website’s .htaccess file to deny access to traffic from those addresses.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    GeoIP Weather is down at the moment. Too popular after being mentioned here?

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Sorry, I was wrong, it was just thet GeoIP Weather didn't recognise my location. Entering a bigger town nearby worked alright. 😉

  3. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    GeoIP Weather is down at the moment. Too popular after being mentioned here?

    Ha ha. I wish.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks for the links !

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