5 short links for today #29

1. Openfilm is the place where you can watch films from independent film makers free of cost. It provides a venue for users to watch premium films in high resolution, as well as for filmmakers to exhibit their works, and to enjoy a full-featured, social networking forum between viewers and creators, reviews and blogs, coverage of industry events, and online databases of film festivals.

2. Romance Novel Yourself is a fun site that allows you to upload your photo and place it on a romance novel cover. Similar sites.

3. tw2buzz is a new service that allows you to easily import your twitter contacts into Google Buzz. Simply login using your twitter account and the service will grab your twitter contact list, find those people on Google Buzz and let you choose whether you want to follow him on Buzz. tw2buzz requires beta invites.

4. Cheapest-VoIP: There are plenty of VoIP providers that offer different rates for different countries. This site lets you find out which provider is the cheapest at this moment, for the country you’re trying to reach.

5. Discounted software for students is a site ran by Pugh Computers, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of software to the education and voluntary sectors, that lets you easily search and find which software are currently available at a discount for students and teachers of educational instructions.

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    you can get codes for tw2buzz here: http://twitter.com/tw2buzz

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