5 short links for today #30

1. The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever: Can you solve this?

2. Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python is a free e-Book that teaches you how to program in the Python programming language. Each chapter gives you the complete source code for a new game, and then teaches the programming concepts from the example. The book is written to be understandable by kids as young as 10 to 12 years old.

3. Running out of Images: Do you realize there are only a finite number of images that can be produced on any given resolution?

4. Anekdotz: A cloud service that allows you to create your own Fuck My Life type of website.

5. You should have seen this and You should have also seen this lists a total of 99+99 things you should have already experienced on the Internet unless you’re a loser or old or something.

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