Can you describe everything in 10 words? Ten Word Wiki can

It’s well know that Internet users suffer from very short attention span, but we can’t blame them. The overwhelming amount of information that we have to process each day has seriously affected our ability to concentrate on anything longer than a few paragraphs.


Ten Word Wiki is a new satirical encyclopedia created for people with such poor attention span. Every entry on this Wiki is described in exactly 10 words. Not one word more, not one less. The result is a collection of entertaining one liners.

The Wiki describes itself as “Knowledge but bite sized, often surreal with lots of jokes” and “Ten Word Wiki is an Encyclopedia for the ADD generation.”, where ADD stands for “Attention Deficit Disorder”.

Here are a few gems:

Aeroplane: Flying machines, statistically safest way to travel. They still crash.

Stonehenge: Stones left in a field by some people years ago

Bill Clinton: Part president, part pimp. Known for leaving DNA on dresses.

Internet: A series of tubes filled with porn and kitten pictures.

iPhone: Basically a phone but people think it is much better?

iPad: Giant $500 iPod Touch. No Flash, no porn, no use..

Ten Word Wiki has a surprisingly huge index.

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