FrontMotion Login – Animated Windows XP login screens

FrontMotion Login is not your typical login screen changer. It spices up Windows login by replacing the boring, traditional image based login screens with flashy animated screens. FrontMotion Login works with Windows NT, 2000 and Windows XP and requires no DLL hacking or replacing system files, which makes it awesome.


FrontMotion Login does not use any memory or CPU resources when you are using other applications. Flash files are dynamically loaded when they are displayed and unloaded when they are not shown. If FrontMotion Login doesn’t work for you or like if it crashes, you can bypass it by pressing and holding the SHIFT key at Windows logon to get the normal Windows login screen.

FrontMotion Login comes with 3 different animated logins. A demo is shown below.

More login themes can be downloaded from the forum, or created using Adobe Flash. Documentations required for creating your own themes are available.


  • User reconfigurable logon interface
  • Interactive Macromedia Flash Themes
  • Remote Desktop support in Windows XP and Terminal Services support.
  • Fast User Switching support in Windows XP (Standalone and Domain Mode)
  • Configurable Windows 2000 or Windows XP security behavior (Runs Task Manager on Ctrl-Alt-Del)
  • Screen Rotation support
  • Windows XP Password Reset Wizard support.
  • No DLL hacking required. Safe even after Service Pack upgrades.
  • Built-in ‘recovery mode’.
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