How to find cheap filler items to avail Amazon’s free shipping offer

If you have ever shopped at Amazon, you can’t possibly have missed the free “Super Saver Shipping” offer. Under this offer Amazon will waive your shipping charge and ship the items you buy for free if the total value of your shopping cart is over $25. (This offer is available only for US addresses). Amazon usually alerts shoppers at the time of checkout with the message: "Wait! Add $X.XX of eligible items to your order to qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping."


But Amazon has no means to search products by price. This is where Amazon Filler Item Finder comes in.


The Amazon Filler Item Finder is a new price-based product search tool designed to help Amazon shoppers find cheap filler items to tip their cart over $25, the minimum required for free super saver shipping eligibility. A shopper can enter the deficit amount "$X.XX" into the search field and get products priced within that range. The Filler Item Finder can find really cheap filler items as low as $0.01.

Product search results are accompanied by photo, price and category. There is also an option to filter products by category.

Once you have decided on a filler product, click on the item and the product data is instantly migrated to the Amazon shopping cart. The free super saving shipping is instantly applied and shipping costs are waived.

According to their press release the Amazon Filler Item Finder will soon roll-out international search across Amazon UK, China, Canada, Germany and Japan, although I’m not sure how that would be useful as the Super Saver Shipping offer applies only to the US.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Well, other countries have their own Amazons, and they have their own free shipping offers, for example when you buy stuff for more than 20,-€ (or a book) in Germany

  2. Nick Reply

    I'd like to add to the list – it has very wide selection of filler items.

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