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How to mute audio ads on Spotify or automatically mute sound by window title text

MUkoTE is a program with a unique purpose - mute sound of a specific application when the title of a window contains text patterns defined by the user. As soon as the window title text matches the text contained in a “Mute list”, the sound is muted. When the window title changes or closes, the sound is activated again.

Now where can you use such an application? Think about streaming Internet radio stations and the intermittent audio ads. I think you’ve got it. MUkoTE is perfect to mute audio ads on streaming media applications, such as Spotify.


To use MUkoTE, keep the program running in the background and whenever you hear an ad on Spotify or any application window, double click on MUkoTE’s system tray icon to immediately kill the application sound. The program will then add the Window title text, which usually displays the ad's title to a list. From hence, whenever this ad plays again, MUkoTE will automatically mute it.

It’s possible to associate a program, such as a streaming media player, to MUkoTE so that whenever you start MUkoTE it launches the media player along with it. To do this choose “Select program to control” from the menu.

MUkoTE works on any player or any streaming media site, but MUkoTE’s developers as well as it’s users stresses on Spotify. They have put together a list of ads frequently heard on Spotify. Copy the list below, right click on MUkoTE’s tray icon and choose “Edit Mute list”. Then paste it on to the list, a simple TXT file and save it. Now you won’t hear any of these ads on Spotify.

Spotify - 7Digital
Spotify - Amy Macdonald
Spotify - BBK
Spotify - One BMW Iberica SA
Spotify - Battery
Spotify - Battery - Batterydrink
Spotify - Betfair
Spotify - Betfair - Betfair Poker
Spotify - Betfair - Betfair Poker € 10
Spotify - Speedo
Spotify - Burger King
Spotify - Coca-Cola
Spotify - Consorcio Cáceres 2016
Spotify - Daniel Lindström
Spotify - Diageo
Spotify - Disney Channel
Spotify - Disney / Pixar
Spotify - EA Games - Brutal Legends
Spotify - EMI
Spotify - Epitaph - This City
Spotify - Epitaph - This City - Like We Were Sharks
Spotify - Filmax
Spotify - General Motors
Spotify - General Motors - Chevrolet
Spotify - General Motors - Opel
Spotify - Hipnotik Festival
Spotify - International Forum for Digital Content!
Spotify - Jazztel
Spotify - Leaf
Spotify - Leaf - Fresh And Effective - mynthon
Spotify - Leaf - mynthon
Spotify - MTV
Spotify - MTV3 - Joka Koti
Spotify - MTV3 - Joka MTV3 Koti
Spotify - Movistar
Spotify - Movistar - Label Movistar
Spotify - Nokia Vodafone
Spotify - Pernod Ricard - Malibu - Malibu
Spotify - Peugeot
Spotify - Promo Cinemad
Spotify - Renault
Spotify - Ron Brugal
Spotify - San Miguel - Clandestine
Spotify - Schweppes
Spotify - Share My
Spotify - Share My - Share My Playlists
Spotify - Simyo
Spotify - Sony Music
Spotify - Spotify
Spotify - Spotify Premium - Spotify Upgrade to Premium!
Spotify - Spotify - Spotify
Spotify - The Right Livelihood Award
Spotify - Unibet
Spotify - Unibet - Unibet
Spotify - Unidad Editorial
Spotify - Universal Music
Spotify - Universal Music - Jill Johnson - Music Row 11
Spotify - Universal Music - Maria Lund - Tahdon
Spotify - Universal Music - Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel
Spotify - Universal Music - Mika - The Boy Who Knew Too Much
Spotify - Universal Music - Nelly Furtado - My Plan
Spotify - Universal Music - Pearl Jam - Backspace
Spotify - Universal Music - Pixie Lott - Turn It Up
Spotify - Universal Music - Tokio Hotel - Humanoid
Spotify - Universal Music - Vesterinen - Jönköping
Spotify - Vodka Eristoff
Spotify - Warner
Spotify - Warner Music - Paramore - Brand New Eyes

You can even maintain separate mute list for separate applications, like you can have one mute list for Spotify and another list for some other radio station, and then load the one you need.

MUkoTE works on Windows 2000 and XP with problem. But Vista and 7 users need to run the program under Windows XP Compatibility mode.


  1. so they are right. we don't want to pay for it, listen to ads, subscribe.... maybe they are right when they talk about a law to disconnect users from internet, or ban some pages, or limit the monthly use of internet, etc.

  2. so I suppose there should be a law forbidding you from switching the TV channel when the ads come on? Or turning the sound down when a particularly obnoxious ad bleats at your eyes?

    Or maybe we should just be fitted with an implant that makes us chant the names of our favourite products for 10 minutes every hour?

    The point is there's no way to stop people from turning their speakers off, switching the channel or simply looking the other way (and forcing them to would be barbaric and no sort of life for anyone).
    If there's no way to stop it, making it intentionally harder just makes things worse for everyone.

    Case in point: spotify USED to force you to play adverts above a certain sound level in the spotify program - any lower and it'd pause until you increased the volume. Obviously anyone can just reduce the overall sound volume in their OS or turn their speakers off (or put ear buds in, cut their ears off, perform not-so-delicate neurosurgery to decouple their auditory nerves from their brain), so it's just creating an annoying inconvenience that serves no purpose. So the developers removed the 'feature', so now you can play spotify adverts at any spotify-local volume (even 0).

  3. Er, anyway- the point was: using this auto-muter is simply an extension and convenient automated way of doing what you'd normally do anyway. If I hear another one of those obnoxious, pathetic lynx twist ads (or that upsetting, incredibly unfunny burger king adverts that just bring to mind some sort of horrible, inevitable future capitalist dystopia where everything is branded with corporate slogans), I think I'm going to go on a murderous rampage!

  4. Remember: this works in Windows 7. I've seen the tip to run it in "compatability mode", though, choosing Win XP SP2 or SP3. That's what I do.

    BUT, you won't be able to find the mute list in Windows 7. Maybe dependent on what account you run it from??? I found it, running it as a user in win 7 and in compatability mode; the mute list was in:


    I think it was somewhere in the subfolder "documents and settings" located in the above folder, but I can't check that now.

    Good luck!

    O yes, a blank line on the mute list ruins it... Everything is muted, then.... Watch out for that!

  5. Analogies to TV programmes are meaningless. Spotify is completely free and relies on the ads to help fund this excellent service. You already pay a TV license in the UK so viewing content is paid for.

    You're just proving the Music Companies right in that even when they collaborate to run a free music service, there are always those around to spoil it.

    Listen to the Ads - they won't kill you. You can pay £5 a month for an Ad free service now, so stop being so tight!

  6. STFU. I'm sick of listening to music over stupid adverts. Why can they not use visual advertising? I actually look at those sometimes..These audio ads ruin the music for me.

  7. TV Licence only pays for the BBC which is ad-free.

  8. spot on.
    end of a good some, the moron from BT comes on and starts reading some daft poem. or some crap "singer-songwriter" call puss-in-boots or sth equally naff comes on and starts telling you buy her crap. sure ads fund stuff, but other radio stations like dont have such annoying murderously chronic adverts which go on and on and on. shorter ads, which get to the point are ok, but these go on and annoy people.

  9. oh and they haven't removed the block where if you mute your volume the ad keeps playing. the ad stops and waits...

  10. If i hear that fucking bt advert again, divulging theee shitest idea of a passionate poem... i think ill fucking "POP"

    Anyway dont seem like it supports mac.. my advice, hook up speakers via an amp, then when you never have to hear that 'TWAT'! (not his fault but.. ) again take the volume down and watch the little timer un till hells finished.. ;)

    Just came on now as i was writing.. what a kick in the teeth:(

  11. Great, just what I was looking for! In my private environment, I want to do with any content what I want! People hate ads, because most of them are just annoying, and I usually turn off radio ads anyway. Ad blocking software is not against the law - I'm also happy with Adblock Plus for Firefox.

  12. If found this software called Blockify, it works much better than Mutify for me and has more features.
    It's really small and easy to use, with no installation or setup needed.

    You can download it free here

  13. This is excellent. Using it in the US. Running it on W7 in XP SP2 mode. Fantastic piece of SW. Without out it, Spotify would be gone from my computer. By the way, to the Brits who are saying that we should pay for every little bit of media we ever get, I suggest that the music industry is already well-recompensed. The banner ads alone on Spotify are enough, in my opinion. The music industry has enjoyed decades of usury, and now that their massive profit margins are being threatened, some of you sheeple are saying we should continue to bend over and take it like a man. I guess there must be a lot of such people in GB - the Draconian suppression measures being enacted in the UK would NEVER pass here in the Colonies...

  14. Does anyone remember when cable tv first came out, it was commercial-free tv? Hey everyone ...subscribe to cable, you pay for commercial free tv!'s nothing but infomercials. WTF. We pay for the cable and the advertisers pay the cable. We lose. And the commercials get louder and longer.


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