Replace Text- Search and replace text in multiple files

If you have a bunch of files and need to make the same edit on all of them there is no easy way to do it on Windows, or Word or Notepad. You have to edit each of the files manually which is repetitive work. To help you in such situations, there is Replace Text.

Replace Text is a text search-and-replace program that can search and replace text across multiple files at once. You can search single or multiple files or even entire folders. You can also setup a list of operations to perform which may include multiple search-and-replace operations.


The best thing about this program is that you can perform different text-replace operations on different files at once. To achieve this Replace Text handles file operations in groups. Different groups of files can have different text operation. You just need to queue them up, click the ‘Start replacing’ button and leave the rest to the program.

Replace Text can also perform operation only on a given file type (such as *.txt or *.html) which you can set using filters. Using filters you can either include or exclude files of a particular type.

Another powerful feature of Replace Text is that you can specify an alternate destination for the that the destination of the altered file. Additionally, Replace Text can also backup files before operating upon them.

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