VMMap – Memory usage analysis tool from Sysinternals

VMMap is the latest addition to the pool of extremely useful utilities from Windows Sysinternals.

VMMap is a process virtual and physical memory analysis utility that shows a breakdown of a process’s committed virtual memory types as well as the amount of physical memory (working set) assigned by the operating system to those types. The utility displays a graphical representations of memory usage, and a summary of information and a detailed process memory map. It also shows the content of the memory broken down into individual addresses.


VMMap lets you select a running process and perform a complete dissection of it’s memory usage behavior, which comes handy during troubleshooting. Powerful filtering and refresh capabilities allow you to identify the sources of process memory usage and the memory cost of application features.

Besides flexible views for analyzing live processes, VMMap supports the export of data in multiple forms like CSV and TXT, including a native format (MMP) that preserves all the information so that you can load back in. An MMP file also includes the two most recent snapshots, enabling you to view differences with the Refresh Shows Changes option when you load the file back into VMMap.

It also includes command-line options that enable scripting scenarios.

VMMap is the ideal tool for developers wanting to understand and optimize their application’s memory resource usage.

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  1. abi Reply

    Thanks for the info on VMMap. What I want to know is that does it show which module has caused the allocation of a given memory location?

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