Windows 7 Start Orb Changer

Have you come across a Windows 7 theme which you feel could have been better if the Start Orb was different? Don’t let the Orb stop you – it can be changed. Windows 7 Start Orb Changer is a program that allows you to change the circular Start Menu Orb on Windows 7 task bar. The program comes with a collection of 33 different Orb designs to start with. You can also design your own or use Google to find more.


Simply open the program’s executable file, create a backup of Windows Explorer to be safe and then click the Change Orb button. Now browse to the Sample orbs directory and apply one of the Orb designs. If you are lucky, I’m saying lucky because the program crashed on me, the Orb will get replaced once Explorer restarts.

Start Orb (8) Start Orb (9) Start Orb (15) Start Orb (17) Start Orb (26) Start Orb (5) Start Orb (14) Start Orb (30)

The Orbs are nothing more than bitmap files of the correct dimension. Each Orb file has three Orb images – the Orb at the top gives the default look, the second one appears on mouse hover and the third Orb appears when the Start Menu is open.

The program also accepts JPG, PNG and GIF image file types. If you want to restore the original Start Orb, just change the Orb to the first sample start Orb bitmap in the Sample Orbs folder.

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