32 gorgeous and unique Windows 7 themes

Unlike previous editions of Windows, Windows 7 allows users to customize the appearance of the operating system. Microsoft call it “themes”, although they are not proper themes. It should have been called “color schemes” because that’s what they really are – different color variation of the same basic Windows 7 theme.

If you are looking for REAL themes where every UI element is skinned – taskbar, toolbar, menus, explorer, you have to checkout the creations at DeviantArt. To spare you the troubles of going through hundreds of themes, I have handpicked 32 of the most beautiful Windows 7 themes from the said source.

Note: Please read the notes from the theme creator for instructions and link to wallpaper, icons etc. Basic instruction on how to apply a theme is provided at the end of the collection.

Verdesh SteelFlash


Aero Hilled

Comes with 4 different colored shellstyles and includes several extras:

– new sidebar that can be customizable with sidebar styler
– stacks
– logon changer


Clearscreen Glass 7:


Clearscreen Sharp



Even without colors this theme looks great. I suggest using this with a selectively colored wallpaper to add contrast.


OS Windows Snow 7

Pack contains two variations of the theme.



Very mild colors and a totally different Start Menu.

Gaia09_VS_1 Gaia09_VS_2


– New start panel line
– New black style shellstyle
– New user picture frame in start panel
– Brand new taskbar with curved corners
– Glow text on taskbar and start panel
– Top Shellstyle for Explorer and Games Folder
– New Media Player Buttons
– and many more


ThaImpact VS

A stunning dark theme.


Gel XP Blue


Gold Glass


Islander Tango 7 






Longhorn 7Air


X2 Windows 7 Alpha 1

Slick minimize/maximize/close buttons.




Luna Royal

Windows XP Royal theme for the old school look.


Windows 7 Skull


Metal-X for Windows 7 64 bit


Mystique M1


Plainer than plain

This is Windows 7. Believe it.


Soft7 1.8


Soliq VS MOD

A nice Mac OS X clone.


Victorian Glass 7

The Explorer border is etched with flowery designs and comes with a cool Aer Peek background.


Vista VS for Windows 7

If you love Vista so much, use this.


Windows 7 XP Themepack

Windows XP styled theme for Windows 7.




Wood Works

Screenshot really can’t do it justice. install it if you want to see it proper.


X2 Windows 7 Pre Beta


Ezlo port to Windows 7




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How to apply a theme

  1. Download Universal Theme Patcher. Run in it Administrative mode (right-click > "Run as administrator"). UAC must be turned off.
  2. After the patch does the job, restart the computer to take effect.
  3. Extract contents of the downloaded archive file into C:WindowsResourcesThemes and double-click on .theme file.
  4. Restart to make sure everything works properly.

Fresh new collection

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