5 short links for today #31

1. Punch Cartoon is an archive of high quality scans of cartoons published on Punch, a popular British satirical weekly magazine that was in existence from the 19th century to almost the 21st century. You can also buy prints from them.

2. How porn has changed the Internet: 12 innovations by the sex industry.

3. Missing kids on your 404 page: Put your 404 pages to something useful. The author of the article shows you how to put pictures of missing children on your website’s 404 pages and engage the user in trying to find missing kids. Example here.

4. TubeOK lets you search for music video of any artist on YouTube, and then displays the lyrics along side the video for you to sing along.

5. URL Sniffer is a browser bookmarklet which expands all short URLs found on the page to show the actual destination so that you know where the URL leads to before clicking. Similar to LongURLPlease.

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