5 short links for today #32

1. Seven alternatives to the Apple iPad: Wait! Stop. Before you hand over Apple your credit card and pre-order the iPad, you may want to check out the other touchscreen options available now and in the near future. The iPad isn’t the only game in town.

2. Faking a seven-segment display: A D-I-Y guide on how to create your own fake seven-segment display. Can be used to create any kind of display actually.

3. Ruby Best Practices: Full ebook for free download.

4. Pi Searcher: Search for any string of digits (up to 120 of them) in the first 200 million digits of Pi. You can use it find, for example if your birthday occurs within the first 200 million digits of Pi.

5. devcheatsheet is the biggest directory of free cheat sheets and reference cards for developers, programmers, engineers, and nerds. Find hundreds of cheat sheets neatly organized both alphabetically and by language.

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    Thank you for all the info there, I was greatly helped by your writings. Stay posted!!!

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