5 short links for today #33

jesus 1. Where is Jesus? : Who would have thought finding God could be so easy? Just go to this site and try to find Jesus in the picture. Once you positively identify him in the crowd, click on him to get another picture and another and another. Find him on public rallies, on shopping malls, among children and hippies. Holy bejeezus, you have found Jesus 11 times! You are finally saved!
2. China is the top source of malware, says Symantec. Should I feign surprised?
3. One Bus Away is an online service that provide easy access to schedule and real-time arrival information for buses and trains for the Puget Sound region, in the state of Washington, US, and beyond. You can search by addresses and routes on their website, or even by SMS or dialing from a phone. iPhone and Android apps are available too.
4. The League of Movable Type is a collection of high quality open source fonts.
5. Rules of thumb has thousands of “rules of thumb” guide that will help you tackle every situation you come across in your life. Whether it’s relationship or business or cooking or dieting, I can assure you will learn of a lot of new tricks here.

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