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AMD Fusion Media Explorer for AMD users

I never knew microprocessor manufacturer AMD makes software too until I read about AMD Fusion Media Explorer at Chris Pirillo. The AMD Fusion Media Explorer (FME) is a 3D social media and digital media browser, that allows you to explore your digital media content from either your local machine or online resources such as Flickr, YouTube, Microsoft Live as well as Facebook.

Unfortunately, AMD Fusion Media Explorer will install only on machines running AMD processors. Intel users are shown the finger.


If you own an AMD computer, this is what you can do with FME.


With AMD Fusion Media Explorer you can search and view photos from your local hard drive, removable USB or SD cards, and online sources, such as Flickr, Facebook, and Microsoft Live using a 3D Ribbon interface. When you search for photos, FME will also show you related photos and videos from these online sources. You can also upload your photos to your Facebook or Flickr account.


Photos aren’t the only thing FME handles. It can also play music and videos. The AutoDJ feature automatically queues up playlists for you from the same genre or artist you are currently listening to, I guess something similar to Predixis MusicMagic Mixer.


You can find video, movie, or TV show using the integrated search engine or 3D Ribbon, and even start playing multiple videos in the ribbon, while you browse, making it easier to find what you are looking for.  The better the performance of the machine, the more videos FME can play simultaneously.

Like pictures and music, FME will present related YouTube videos pertaining to the content you are currently watching.

Download AMD Fusion Media Explorer


  1. Requires Vista or Seven, will not accept XP.

  2. Utterly useless, buggy, slow, fails to recognise entire contents if folders etc.

  3. @idodialog, @anonymous: Thanks for those feedback.


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