Astronaut Soichi Noguchi tweets stunning pictures from aboard the space station

Soichi Noguchi, a Japanese astronaut on the International Space Station, is rocking on Twitter. His 100,000+ Twitter followers are being treated daily with stunning images of the Earth, he takes himself.
Mr Noguchi started sharing photographs since January 26 through TwitPics, the image sharing site for Twitter. He has posted pictures of cities, coastlines, glaciers, deserts, man-made structures, island, rivers … and so on. Pure awesome. Here is the direct link to his TwitPics photo stream. Below are a few samples.

Update: Noguchi now has a YouTube channel
Santiago, the capital city of Chile. One day after the Mega earthquake(M8.8) hit the country.
Night shot of Yokohama – Tokyo – Chiba area
River delta, Mahajamba, Madagaskar.
Akashi Strait Bridge. The longest Suspention bridge of the world! Total length is 3,991m. Look at the shadow on the sea!
Arabian desert.

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