Basket Buster: Get the best shopping deals on Firefox

Basket Buster is a plug-in for Firefox that helps online shoppers save a few bucks by alerting them of deals and coupons. Many price and deals related addons for Firefox exist, but Basket Buster is different from most of it.

Instead of alerting you of the best prices on the product you are looking at, which most addons do, Basket Buster alerts you of all deals, offers, discounts and coupons available on the site you are browsing. Say you went to Amazon looking for stuffed toys and discovered that there is a discount going on for shoes. Without Basket Buster, you wouldn’t have known.


Once you install this addon, Basket Buster places an icon in Firefox toolbar. When you visit any online merchant or shopping site the icon’s color changes indicating the presence or absence of any deals. The icon remains Red when no offers are found. When any offer is found it turns Green. Amber means other similar sites have offers but the current site does not.


If you see the icon turning Green, click on it to slide open a sidebar. The sidebar displays all offers for the current site and a single click reveals details on the offer including coupon codes if any, right on the sidebar. Basket Buster also displays what other competing merchants are offering. Over 29,000 merchants are tracked by Basket Buster at present.

Basket Buster is free and is maintained and operated by volunteers from around the world. Currently it’s in closed beta but you can give it a try by using the following login information.

User name: save
Password: money

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