Benubird PDF document manager

Benubird PDF is a comprehensive PDF document managing and archiving solution for Windows. It allows you to manage your PDF files from one central location and perform a handful of operations on them, including conversion, editing, searching and more.



Easily add files: Import files in Benubird PDF with a single click. Files can also be added using Windows Explorer or via a simple drag-and-drop interface.

PDF properties: Add, edit or remove properties from PDF files effortlessly. Edit the Title, Author, Subject and Keywords property fields of PDFs.

Convert to PDF: Convert any file that can be printed to PDF from within Benubird PDF by right-clicking on it and selecting ‘Convert to PDF’.

Watched folders: Benubird PDF can automatically import files from folders as soon as you add them to the watched folder. It can even add author, tags or other document metadata to files during the import process.

Collections: Organize your documents into collections so that they will only ever be one click away. Each file can belong to multiple collections, so you won’t need to keep extra copies of your documents.

Smart Collections: Dynamically generate collections of files based on rules such as "Author is Bill, Subject is Finance."

Navigator: Find files quickly by filtering by categories such as Author, Subject or Category.

Tags: Apply tags like "Urgent" or "Invoices" to files. The Tags Filter can then be used to locate them within a few clicks.

Search: Search for files based on Title, Author or Tags or other key document metadata.

Export: Export files to zip archives (password protection optional) and folders. Export the whole library, a collection or the current selection of files. You can also quickly attach files to email messages.

Download Benubird PDF

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