Change Windows Vista/7 Explorer navigation button color

The navigation button of Windows Vista and 7’s explorer window is blue, and it always remains blue even if you tweak the Windows border color through the “Personalize” settings section on the desktop and control panel. If you want to change the button color, then there is an application for that.


Called Vista-7 Nav Button Colorizer, this free program allows you to quickly change the button color by choosing from one of nine different variations, including the default style. The navigation button can take the following colors – Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue (different shade) and Black.


On clicking the “Apply Color” button, the program patches the explorer.exe file to reflect the new button. To change back to the default button, just choose “default” using the slider and apply it again.

The program works only with 32-bit edition of the Windows Vista and 7.

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