Check Adsense, Adwords and 500 other affiliate programs stats from the desktop

If you are heavily into Internet marketing and use a ton of affiliate programs like Google Adwords, Commission Junction, ClickBank etc apart from publisher advertising programs like Google Adsense, Yahoo publishers and so on, you probably waste a significant amount of time each day logging-in and out of these program, checking statistics and performance. For such webmasters and marketers, Nifty Stats is indispensable.


It’s a free (adware) desktop program that automatically logs into several affiliate programs, retrieves data and statistics about sales and earnings, and presents them in an easy to understand format right on your desktop. Nifty Stats can do this several times a day, predefined by you, and automatically without you raising a finger.

niftystats2 niftystats3

Nifty Stats can display data in tables and generate graphs for your reports. It lets you compare various figures like total hits, earnings, sales etc for different days or months. It also has a currency converter that automatically converts and displays your earnings in your preferred currency. It will also total your earnings generated from different affiliate programs and ad network for the day, making it easier to keep track of your daily income and sales from a single place.

Nifty Stats supports more than 500 different affiliate and PPC programs. Just select the ones you use and enter the login details. Nifty Stats communicates directly with the affiliate programs servers and therefore safe to use.

Nifty Stats also has a paid version of the program that offers additional features like email and SMS alerts and sending of daily summaries, printing of stats, quick search and a portable version.

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