Create a customized, unattended Windows 7 installation disk or USB drive

RT Se7en Lite is a Windows 7 configuration tool (similar to nLite and vLite for Windows XP and Vista respectively) that allows you to create a completely customized installation disk or USB Flash drive of Windows 7. Using RT Se7en Lite you can integrate updates, drivers, remove components, add wallpapers, Icons, themes, and create an unattended installation disk.

RT Se7en Lite (download link below) can do the following:


You can Integrate windows updates like security updates, hotfixes Integrate drivers Integrate language packs and Integrate 3rd party applications (Only silent installers).

Components Removal


You can remove all unwanted components from windows like default drivers, services, language packs, windows applications and other features.


Disable or adjust system services, Enable or disable registry tweaks, Change power configuration, Set control panel view and other component tweaks.

Unattended Installation


Create unattended installation (Integrate product key, change UI language, Time zone, Skip automatic activation, Currency, Add OEM information’s, Change network type, change Update type, Enable or disable upgrade option, Enable or disable Windows live, Skip EULA agreement, skip OOBE user creation, Enable or disable firewall, Change Display screen resolution, Disable Windows defender, etc.)


Customize windows by Change and add multiple themes, Desktop background wallpaper, Add sidebar gadgets, Add screen-savers, Change logon screen, Add your documents, Change icons (Preset), Add sample music’s, Add wallpapers, Add OEM logo’s, Enable or disable welcome center, Enable or disable uxtheme patch, Change windows frame colors, Set your favorite gadgets as default, etc.

Create bootable disk or USB Flash drive

Create bootable ISO image, Burn image, Split image, Export images, Give CD-Label, etc.

RT Se7en Lite download (190MB)

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  1. Unknown Reply

    i want Unattended Installation software and windows 7 of usb driver on pc
    what should i do?

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Maybe download RT Se7en lite to your computer. Might work.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Why this file is bigger RT Se7en Lite download (190MB) than the one who located official site 15.3MB?

  4. Anonymous Reply

    hmm can I use another software?

  5. Anonymous Reply

    hallo i used also RT 7 Lite but i have one Q when i integration/application add in RT 7 after finsh they did not play application after install can soms body help me thanks

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Got this, and it just doesn't work. Don't know if the a previous version worked, or if I have some kind of curse, but it takes FOREVER to create an integration with drivers and customization, and then won't boot from the USB it creates, and fails to install from the DVD if I go that way. Great Idea, the XP version worked great, this thing? Useless. I've wasted two days and have NOTHING to show for it.

  7. Unknown Reply

    how to take windows 7 unattend install image that formate shud be in .Wim formate Plz guide me…

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